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Město Strakonice
Odbor školství a cestovního ruchu

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386 21 Strakonice
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GPS: 49°15'29.579"N, 13°54'4.320"E

Expozice muzea
na hradě jsou uzavřeny v období 2018-2021
z důvodu rekonstrukce
v rámci 52. výzvy IROP.


Capitular Hall and Cloister Premises

Strakonice Castle is a unique structure as it combines medieval aristocratic castle architecture with a church commendam which was gradually transformed into the residence of important church dignitaries. Although the buildings were not consistently used for their original purpose up to the present time, this connection is still clearly visible. West of the church, there is a cloister and a capitular hall, one of the oldest parts of the castle. It was built in the 13th century but during recent archaeological research remains of an ecclesiastical building and a burial site from 11th – 12th century have been found in the bottom layers. The cloister and some of the wall paintings date from the beginning of the 14th century (e.g. the figures of St Phillip and Jacob in the capitular hall). The Christological cycle in the cloister features Christ’s apostolic activities. In the south section, a later painting of Virgin Mary the Protector is the most distinctive. The decoration of the monastery interior reached its peak around 1340 when the 3rd phase of decoration of the cloister, the capitular hall and the church were completed. Characteristic styles of two Czech artists (or rather two artistic groups) can be distinguished throughout the whole work.

The credit for the splendid decoration of these rooms goes to the Maltese knights as well as to the owner of the other part of the castle at that time, Vilém of Strakonice from the Bavarian family.

At the west wall, visitors may admire the early Gothic decorated stone portal whose door leads into the capitular hall – formerly St George’s Chapel. The main entrance from the courtyard is below the round window, which has a beautifully decorated stone reveal.

In 2008, the capitular hall and the cloister were returned to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Order then leased it to the Museum of the Central Otava Region. The premises are open to visitors from end of April to end of October and during the Advent period.




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