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Expozice muzea
na hradě jsou uzavřeny v období 2018-2021
z důvodu rekonstrukce
v rámci 52. výzvy IROP.


The Rumpál Tower

Visitors coming from the west are taken aback with bewilderment when they approach a big, defensive tower with a sharp edge, named Rumpál (i.e. winch). It is most likely named after the medieval device that was used to transport wrongdoers into the dungeon on the ground floor. It was part of the castle’s defence system, built somewhere around 1270 during the tenure of Bavarian II, and it stood in the middle of a new fortified wall that protected the castle from the west. There was a two-storey gallery at the top of the tower, whose bottom part was elevated by stone buttresses. There is a very special architectural feature below the bottom gallery. Gargoyles, shaped as supernatural creatures and monsters, emerge from within the tower. The current appearance of Rumpál is the result of a rather insensitive reconstruction from the 1930s. Until the renovation in 1935, the tower was accessible only from the castle palace through the gallery of the large castle wall. At the entrance, there is a room with a rib-vaulted arch from which a stairway as thick as the walls around rises up to the other gallery and to a brick casque in the shape of an octagonal pyramid.  The tower and the adjacent western wall were part of the castle fortifications until the 13th century.

The towers at Zvíkov, Bítov na Dyji and at Svojanov are of similar construction as Rumpál. Today, the tower is a part of the museum tour and you can access the gallery if you climb 96 stairs.  It is worth doing because you will be offered charming views of the city of Strakonice spreading along the Otava and Volyňka rivers, and of the foothills of the Šumava Mountains.


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