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Expozice muzea
na hradě jsou uzavřeny v období 2018-2021
z důvodu rekonstrukce
v rámci 52. výzvy IROP.


3rd Courtyard

The area of this courtyard changed the most in the 20th century. At the end of the 1930s, a part of the former brewery was demolished and garages were built. Another insensitive reconstruction took place at the 3rd courtyard in the 1970s, when the old castle mill was pulled down.

The most recent changes came with the reconstruction in 2006. The torso of the original medieval wall was mothballed in order to avoid further decay and the whole 3rd courtyard was completed with a new castle wall in the direction of the river, which restored the previous medieval character of the site.

Today, this courtyard is mainly used to access the children section of the Šmidinger library, and its western gate leads to the castle moat, where the Castle Safari is situated. On the way to the newly reconstructed park, you will pass the garden house, which was renovated in order to meet the needs of breeding animals in the castle moat.

A very pleasant rest area, separated from the castle moat by a wooden fence, was established in this part of the castle premises. Trees, such as gingko biloba and rowans, and low bushes have been planted, and you will come across a large rockery and outdoor seating as well.

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