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Město Strakonice
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386 21 Strakonice
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GPS: 49°15'29.579"N, 13°54'4.320"E

Expozice muzea
na hradě jsou uzavřeny v období 2018-2021
z důvodu rekonstrukce
v rámci 52. výzvy IROP.


The Castle Park

The castle park was founded in 2007, on the site of what was probably originally a vegetable garden in the former naturally landscaped park. The garden, in the shape of an irregular rectangle, is situated in the western part of the castle moat. Deciduous and evergreen bushes, perennials and plants of the onion family are grown in the park. The roof garden, clearly visible from the Rumpál castle tower, is planted with roses, perennials and rock plants in a gravel bed, which makes the park very attractive indeed.

The dominant of the park is a sculpture portrait of Josef Režný (1924-2013). J. Režný was known as a perpetrator of bagpiping and folk traditions, collector of folk songs, ethno-musicologist and a founder of the International Bagpipe Festival. The author of the work is the Prague-based sculptor Zdeněk Josef Preclík. 






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