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Expozice muzea
na hradě jsou uzavřeny v období 2018-2021
z důvodu rekonstrukce
v rámci 52. výzvy IROP.


Reconstruction, Stage I (2005–2007)

2006 was one of the most important years in the modern history of Strakonice Castle as extraordinarily extensive reconstruction work took place on the premises. It would not have been done without the financial aid allocated to this national heritage site from the European Union funds.

The first of the projects that were implemented was Strakonice Castle – Infrastructure for the Tourist Industry. It was granted a subsidy from the National Programme PHARE 2003 and was successfully completed in August 2006. The total expenditure of the project amounted to CZK 33,339,084, of which the subsidy was CZK 21,112,250.

Summary of the activities implemented:

-         Pathway and surface recovery on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd courtyards (SO 01) – all courtyards were newly paved, the areas along the newly reconstructed paths were sown with grass and plants, and complementary equipment was installed (benches, waste bins, bike stands, etc.)

-         Car park and bus stop near Jelenka (SO 02) – the whole area was newly paved, the shape and the surface of the bus stop area was reconstructed, a parking area and a stand-by lane for buses was built, completed by vertical traffic signs and benches.

-         Na Dubovci car park (SO 03) – the site was greatly remodelled. The road was reconstructed, including pavement access; the surrounding areas were planted with grass and mature trees. Mobile watering systems and the general repair of the monument was covered by the city budget.

-         Road and car park at the open-air cinema (SO 04) – the road was reconstructed, new parking spaces were added, and a new car park was established under the western gate. Additionally, the road was extended to the river, which provides water-going tourists with access to the castle.

-         Main access road to the castle (SO 05) – more particularly, the space in front of the Art School (castle building) was given a brand new look. It is separated from the pavement with three steps, along the whole length of the common border line. This area is crossed by a pathway, which runs through the entrance gate and then the castle premises. In addition, this area was completed with green islands and equipment, such as benches, waste bins, bike stands and a drinking fountain.

-         Public lighting system (SO 06) – public lighting equipment was installed. The space in front of the Art School was provided with new spot lights at pavement level  and throughout the whole premises period lights were installed (copies of the presently used lanterns). In addition, two directional lights were added to illuminate the Na Dubovci site, and another two for the castle.

-         Sanitary facilities for castle visitors (SO 07) – a new sanitary facility, including a barrier-free section was built on the premises (access from the 3rd courtyard).

The second implemented project was the Renovation and New Uses of Strakonice Castle for Tourism Development in the Strakonice region. It was co-financed by the EU Structural Funds within the Common Regional Operational Programme and by funds administered by the Regional Authority of the Region of South Bohemia. The work was completed in December 2006 and the total expenditure amounted to CZK 29,474,498. The amount of the subsidy was CZK 16,158,000.

The following items were included in the project:

-         City Library (SO 08, 09, 10) – interiors and facades of all buildings used by the Šmidinger Library in Strakonice (except for the children’s section) were renovated.

-         Body of the original fortification (SO 15) – the remnants of the original fortification at the 3rd courtyard (by the river) were remodelled so that it does not deteriorate and may serve as a witness of our past for future generations.

-         Reconstruction of the fortification wall (SO 16) – the 3rd courtyard, on the side at the river, was completely closed by means of a new fortification wall, which restored the previous medieval character of the site and works as a protective barrier during cultural and social events on this site.

-         Castle moat (SO 18) – part of the project was general renovation of the moat, which had previously been left abandoned for a long time. The moat was cleaned, provided with a gate in the direction of the Jelenka tower, made accessible for technical devices needed for its maintenance (on the new road) and a shelter was built for animal breeding. A small zoo was founded in order to increase the attraction of the castle.

-         Small park near the moat (SO 19) – the area at the road to the open-air cinema premises was remodelled into a nice pleasant park, suitable for undisturbed relaxation. Mature trees and low bushes were planted, and the area was provided with new benches and other park equipment.

-         Garden house (SO 20) – in connection with the breeding of animals in the moat, this structure in the near vicinity was renovated. It is now used as a food store for the animals.

-         Heating supply, exchanger station (SO 27) – The heating system for the castle premises was part of the project too. A hot water pipe was installed throughout the castle premises and an exchanger station was built in the Art School section.

 The building work on the national heritage site at Strakonice Castle did not stop when the above-mentioned objects were complete. Quite the contrary, besides the funds administered by the city of Strakonice (used for interiors in the Art School, Hradní sklípek (Castle Cellars), etc.), EU support was provided for the second stage of the general reconstruction, which commenced in 2008.  

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