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z důvodu rekonstrukce
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Reconstruction, Stage II (2008–2010)

The first of the projects implemented under this stage was the Revitalisation of Strakonice Castle. It was granted a subsidy from the Regional Operational Programme NUTS II Southwest and was successfully completed in May 2010. The main objective – besides the reconstruction of the specific structures – was to improve services for visitors. The total expenditure of the reconstruction amounted to CZK 16,150,320, of which the subsidy was CZK 11,744,142.

Summary of the activities implemented:

-        Offices used by the Museum of the Central Otava Region (SO 07) – the offices are located in the northern wing and are included in the complex of buildings which divides the castle premises between the 2nd and 3rd courtyards. The building was remodelled in 1939 – 1940. At present, it is used for offices and technical support for the Museum of the Central Otava Region. Originally a rather dark and not very pleasant part of the premises, with poor heating and unsatisfactory facilities, it was greatly improved by the reconstruction. In addition, the first and the second storeys were connected by a staircase. The public may visit the museum scientific library and research room, and use the internet to browse the artefacts and explore precious items hidden in the museum. The project includes a sophisticated information system to make the museum collections, and also other digitalised collections in other Czech museums accessible for the public both in our country and abroad.

-        Ceremonial hall (SO 08) – part of the reconstruction work was on the ceremonial hall and the representative rooms located in the 2nd courtyard, between the Šmidinger Library and the museum offices. Through painting and new furniture, they also were given a brand new look. In addition, a club room used by the historic fencing group was renovated (accessible via the 3rd courtyard).

-        Open-hearth kitchen (SO 09) – One of the new sections now open to the public is the open-hearth kitchen that was revealed during the excavation of the oldest part of the castle. This unique structure is located between the 2nd and 3rd courtyards, and it is only accessible from the gate between them. The Museum of the Central Otava Region, its administrator, has made a great effort to make the premises come alive by creating a period kitchen with the authentic equipment of that time.

The second project implemented under the second stage was Strakonice Castle – Revival of a National Cultural Monument and its Use for Further Regional Development. It is co-financed from the EEA Financial Mechanism. The objective was the renovation of the castle premises to make it a historic regional centre, a living monument with numerous opportunities for further regional development. The total budget amounted to EUR 1,870,486, of which the contribution from the EEA Financial Mechanism was EUR 1,589,913 (subsidy 85%) and the remaining part was covered from the city budget. The construction work commenced in December 2008 and was completed in August 2010.

In regards to the building work, the project was divided in two activities:

-        Renovation of the roof and the facade of the northern and north-eastern wing of the castle, currently the Elementary Art School – the subject of the building work was exterior repair work, namely replacement of roofing, roof frames and renovation of chimneys. Additionally, the exterior facades were restored, including the gallery. The coat of arms above the front facade and two stone portals were renovated as well. Moreover, the castle clock was given a new face – now it is black and gold, and perfectly identifiable from a distance. Another clock was restored on the opposite side of the same building, in identical colours.

-        Reconstruction of the former granary and drying-kiln of the manorial brewery and its transformation into a multiple-purpose hall and two exhibition halls. The structure is situated in the northern wing of the castle, opposite St. Procopius Church, between the Elementary Art School and the building of the deanery and museum. The building has four storeys. On the ground floor, there is a hall named U Kata, designed for a variety of activities, e.g. an occasional pub, an exhibition site or a lapidarium. The hall is accessible either from the 1st courtyard or from the 2nd courtyard (barrier-free access). It is interesting that the window sills in this hall were made from original bricks made by the brick production plant in Mutěnice, decorated with a fired-in eight-pointed Maltese cross, which were discovered and saved when the building was under reconstruction. On the second storey, there is the gallery hall, called the Maltese hall. It was designed for exhibitions, and it is suitable for lectures, openings and seminars as well. Its great advantage is the access to the deck above the garages on the 3rd courtyard. On the 3rd storey you can enter the Knights’ Hall. The original ceiling, which before the reconstruction was not very nice, has been lowered and offers visitors a new view of the roof frame construction. The hall capacity is 118 seats (and 22 seats in the gallery). The hall is frequently used for cultural and social events, for example, chamber music concerts, theatre performances, etc. It is also recommended for educational programmes or professional conferences.

This website is part of the project as well. It makes the castle accessible from any distance to visitors from abroad through various language versions and those with poor eyesight as well.

Through the implementation of the projects within the Stage II, the complex plan for the restoration and revitalisation of the Strakonice Castle premises was completed.

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